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Testimonials of theModBook.comThe Do-It-Yourself Answer to a Successful Loan Modification

All of the following testimonials are accurate accounts of clients and their experiences with The Mod Book and our partners…

Mike D. from Los Angeles says: “The Mod Book doesn’t only help you with a loan modification, but changes your perception on how to deal with banks, financial institutions, and other creditors alike.  What you thought you knew-throw it all out the window.  I did my own loan modification thanks to the information I read in the Mod Book.  Other firms were charging me up to $4,000 to begin the process, and did not offer a guarantee!  After reading the Mod Book, I contacted my bank and now am saving $2,280 a month on my mortgage, plus eliminated 78% of my credit card debt with the help of the Mod Book!”

Isaac J. from Eagle Rock says: “Reading through the Mod Book was so easy and basic to follow.  The authors have done a great job presenting the material with examples and sample documents-I bought the book last Wednesday, read it by Friday, began gathering my documentation and calculations by Sunday, called the my lender by Monday, and had my modification complete by the following Thursday!”

Jeff L. from Austin says: “The Most Important 38 Pages any home owner will read!”

Arman J. from Los Angeles says: “My wife and I owed the IRS close to $210,000 form a business that was doing great at first, and then during the recession had to close shop.  I received countless letters from them; God knows how frightening that was.  I was planning on just leaving it alone, after all I had no more assets they could go after, but when I had an actual revenue office come to my new place of business and contact my employer to place a wage garnishment, I immediately contacted 1040 Tax Partners and never heard from the IRS ever again.  Their professional staff got me a settlement of my $210,000 for only $1,012.  You do the math on my savings”

Vince and Jessica A. from Sacramento says: “My wife and I purchased our home, a fixer-up-er, during the height of the real estate boom, dumping tens of thousands of dollars remodeling it.  This was supposed to be our dream home, yet turned to a nightmare very soon.  Our interest rate reset from a 3.5% to 8.25%, almost tripling our payments.  We were able to stay afloat 3 months, however it just became a burden on us to the point that we literally didn’t have enough money at the end of the month to eat.  Searching the internet for loan modification companies, I LUCKILY stumbled across The Mod Book site, and soon began to do my own research about the company.  My wife and I ordered The Mod Book, read it and within a few weeks had our modification approved. Now am paying 3.85% for a 30 year loan!-What more can I say about The Mod Book!”

JT M. from Salem says: “Desperate to save our family home that has been with us for 3 generation, we turned to 2 separate loan modification companies, spending over $6,000, waiting by the phone, sleepless nights, heart-aches, arguments with my wife, and finally one day hearing about The Mod Book on  I wizened up and called.  I figured that with my MBA degree, I would easily be able to follow the concise and step-by-step guide to the book.  It turns out that even with a 6th grade education I could have done the same.  The Mod Book was so easy to follow and understand.  We submit our modification request and within 2 months the bank granted us our request.  This was over 7 months ago; I’m still waiting for the original 2 loan modification companies that I had previously hired to call me back with results…Can’t thank you enough TMB!”

Anonymous from San Francisco says: “Not only did The Mod Book give me the power, confidence and knowledge to modify my own loan, but through their partners, I HAVE REDUCED NEARLY ALL OF MY CREDIT CARD DEBT and AN IRS DEBT AS WELL!  I just fell on hard times a few years back, falling behind on everything, but The Mod Book and 1040 Tax Partners helped me get back up”

Diane C. from Miami says: “The best $129.00 that I have ever spent!  How could you put a price tag on piece of mind?  It’s true what they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  And so I did, and did it well.”

Linda A. form Jackson says:“My ex-husband had an IRS debt of $49,276.  The IRS levied my checking account, even though we were no longer married and going through a divorce.  I found 1040 Tax Partners from an ad I had seen online and called them immediately.  The owner of the company dealt with me directly and resolved my matter within a month.  Not only was I paid the amount taken by the IRS, but was paid interest on the money.”

Rolley and Stephanie from Davenport says: “My father in law gifted The Mod Book to my wife and I on the day of our engagement.  He had purchased it and thought it would be a perfect gift for a 1st time homebuyer.  Though we are still in the market looking for a home, The Mod Book has given us the knowledge to stay away from the pit-falls and the mistakes that were made by others in the past. Great read, very informative.” 

Reza K. from Orange County says: “After contacting my bank, I fixed my investment property mortgage from a 9.25% to a 5.5% fixed for the life of the loan.  I now took the property form a negative monthly cash flow, to a 7.6% return on my investment each and every month.”

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