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Welcome to theModBook.comThe Do-It-Yourself Answer to a Successful Loan Modification

Our philosophy began in the financial services sector over 32 years ago with the basic principal of empowering our clients through the tools of knowledge and service. Three decades later, our success is reflected solely through the success of our clients.  As such, our company represents a company that leads the forefront of ethically servicing our community underlined with results comprised of experienced accountants, lawyers, mortgage specialists,  and business/community leaders-all whom have joined together to create “The Mod Book” in order to empower homeowners like yourself through education and comprehension of your basic rights, protections, and liberties as homeowners. 

Unlike other financial institutions, we understand that the current economic situation is plaguing us all. The world economy has literally been turned upside down, as people don’t know who to turn to and who to trust. Many people have lost their homes; many more are on the verge of doing so. Most of us have experienced sleepless nights, wondering and worrying about our families and their future…

It's time you take a stand!  Its time to put a stop to your worries, your grievances, and protect your rights as a home owner through knowledge! You don’t have to lose your home!  No more false promises, unanswered phone calls, and exorbitantly wasted fees to lawyers and loan modification companies! 

The moment you understand the basic principal that THE BANK DOES NOT WANT YOUR HOME, the sooner you can pick up “The Mod Book” and propel yourself to the step by step guide to a new life through a loan modification that is custom tailored to fit your lifestyle.

The reality is that conducting your own loan modification is quite simple.  After reading The Mod Book, you will have the necessary knowledge to analyze your situation, make the necessary calculations, gather the important data and documents, and contact your bank to demand a modification.  The Mod Book is a very simple, step-by-step guide on showing you the ins and outs of the modification process, strategy, as well as exactly what the lenders are looking for to accept your modification.