Welcome to theModBook.comThe Do-It-Yourself Answer to a Successful Loan Modification

If you are struggling to pay your monthly mortgage payment or your house is no longer worth what it once was, you are not alone.  Thousands of people are in the same situation that you are – struggling to keep up with a mortgage payment in a challenging economy.

The great news is that you can pursue a loan modification with your mortgage company.  By getting a lower monthly payment at a better interest rate, you can get back on your feet again and still keep your house.  Did you know that today thanks to new government legislation and incentives, there are more solutions than ever aiding homeowners in modifying their loans?  As a matter of fact, the government is pushing for homeowners to modify their own loans by severely cracking down on loan mod companies and attorneys.

If you want something done right you must do it yourself!

No more dealing with unscrupulous modification companies and attorneys promising results, charging thousands upon thousands of dollars-only to be met with unanswered phone calls and letters of denial from the banks.  It's not necessary to go through a foreclosure or short sale when you understand how the loan modification process works. 
As such, our team of real estate experts, accountants, attorneys, appraisers, financial representatives, and other professionals alike gave authored to The Mod Book! 

This book will walk you through the process, step-by-step, leaving no stone unturned.  In the end, you will know exactly how to handle the process of your own loan modification and will possess the knowledge and confidence to deal with your bank and take a stand! Its time to put a stop to your worries, your grievances, and protect your rights as a home owner through knowledge! You don’t have to lose your home! 

The book is easy to read and has all of the pertinent information, examples, sample-documents, and forms needed to get you to you’re goal-successfully completing your own loan modification…

• You won't need lawyers, loan modification companies or anyone else to help you with this process.
• You won't need to have a PhD to understand our simple, easy to follow directions
• You will save thousands of dollars doing it by yourself
• You will save tens of thousands of dollars by getting a modification
• You will save thousands of dollars by avoiding retainer fees

Our proven system will show you that you have the knowledge and confidence to start and complete your loan modification quickly and easily. After all, if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself!